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4 Different Dinner Lighting Options Ideal For Your Dining Room

Intimate Accent Lighting
The way you enjoy dinner in your dining room can be different depending on who is eating, what guests are over, and what type of meal you are serving. A multiple course meal with a loved one will have a much different feeling than splitting Chinese with a few of your friends.
The lighting options in your dining room may affect the type of mood and feeling that people get while eating. You can really set the atmosphere by choosing different lighting options and hvaing them available as you need.
Browse through various lighting ideas to see how you can change up dinner with different lighting designs and really set the mood when it comes time to eat.

Lighting Centerpiece

A hanging light fixture in the dining room can really make the whole room come together. The light acts as the centerpiece and becomes the focal point when someone enters. The visuals from the light fixture can provide the main source of light while enjoying meals and has the ability to fully illuminate the table.
There are dozens and dozens of options when it comes to choosing a lighting centerpiece. You can select an elegant chandelier, a modern stylized light fixture, or a set of matching light fixtures that spread across the whole table.
Another option to consider is the installation of a ceiling fan. A fan with built-in lights can move the air around, provide some relief during hot months, and illuminate the whole dining area. The light design you pick can match your table, wall colors, and other design pieces you have in the home.

Intimate Accent Lighting

During some dinners, you may want to create an intimate and romantic setting. This is ideal during a dinner for two or even a double-date you're hosting in the home. Accent lighting can provide you with the low light setting of a candle while removing the risk of an open flame.
You can install a number of accent lights on the walls of a dining room. The lights will attach directly to the walls and have fixtures over them to help diffuse the light. To help set the mood and create as much or as little light as you need, you have the option of having a dimmer switch installed.
A dimmer switch can connect to all of the accent lighting to have complete control of the whole dining room.

Recessed Lighting

For parties and large gatherings, you may seek to have the most light possible. If this is the case, then you can have the recessed lighting installed throughout the ceiling in the room. Recessed lighting provides a great lighting source without taking up any extra space in the room.
A fully illuminated room will make it easier to see multiple platters of food and the different dining options available. Along with eating dinner, this ideal for when you're using the dining room for playing board games or participating in other activities.

Under Table Accent Lighting

If you're looking to go extremely formal and elegant, then you may want to consider under table accent lighting. This type of lighting can add a sophisticated touch and look to your dining room, even when it's not in use.
Lights installed underneath a table can add a nice atmosphere and glow. It looks nice when the lights shine beneath any type of colored tablecloth. This is ideal for extremely formal dinners where you serve special plates and dinnerware. The lights can be controlled by a switch or set on a timer depending on how you want to use them.
For all your lighting solutions, contact us at Langer Electric Service Co. We can help with the planning and installation of your dining room lights.